One position that most were confident about before the preseason started and remained confident throughout was the edge position.

Baron Browning's ability to adapt to the outside has been a revelation for depth at this position. Bradley Chubb and Randy Gregory are the clear top two guys in this group.

Jonathan Cooper and Malik Reed are the back end you'll see on a team's pass-rushing depth chart. Nick Bonito looked great in obvious pass-rush situations last night, but he still has a lot of work to do before becoming a full-time starter.

Aaron Patrick showed elite athleticism last night and was an incredible defensive presence in the red zone. Remember Dray ‘Mont Jones' drive against the Detroit Lions last season when he had a sack, a tackle for loss and a batted pass on one drive? Aaron Patrick pulled it off in his own way last night.

All of this creates problems for veteran, owner Reid. When I say problem, I mean problem with him staying with the Denver Broncos this season.

Many teams will be interested in his services. He is a skilled pass rusher and can fill in and play decent snaps for a team in a pinch.

Maybe the Baltimore Ravens call and ask about his services. With David Ojabo having a red-shirt season, perhaps Malik Reed is the perfect, cheap rental for the Baltimore Ravens for the 2022 season.

Although the Denver Broncos don't have a battle for the starting quarterback this season, they do have a battle for the starting punter position!

Sam Martin appears to be the better punter, but as mentioned on the air last night, the Denver Broncos could save millions by handing the reins to Corliss Wightman.

If George Patton thought the Denver Broncos could trade Sam Martin for a seventh-round pick from the Buffalo Bills, I don't think he would hesitate.

He has stated several times that he is not happy with the current position of the team's draft capital. If Patton can add three picks in a few days by dealing with Malik Reed and Sam Martin, I think he'll make it W.