Controversial online influencer and tone- described pessimist Andrew Tate has been banned from Meta platforms Instagram and Facebook.

The former kickboxer and reality television star was removed for violating the Meta policy" on dangerous associations and individualities," the company verified via dispatch.

Tate first gained notoriety after appearing on the TV show Big Brother in 2016, when he was axed from the series after a video surfaced of him beating a woman outside the show.

Since also, she has garnered counter reaction across social media for her posts, which domestic abuse charities have called" extreme abuse".

She said on Twitter in 2017 that women belong at home and that rape victims" bear responsibility" for their attacks, after which Twitter permanently banned her from the platform.

Tate has developed a following for her advice videos to men, many of them veering into sexist territory. In a YouTube video, Tate describes herself as "absolutely a misogynist".

He said: "I'm a realist and when you're a realist you're sexist. There's no way you can be grounded in reality and not be sexist."

In a statement to the Guardian, Tate characterized numerous of his vids as parodies, saying he was" playing a ridiculous character".

“Internet sensationalism has created the idea that I’m (sic) anti-feminist when nothing could be further from the verity," she said, adding that she donates to charities that profit women." I am really innocent."

Tate has been a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump and has appeared on a number of right-wing podcasts, including shows such as Infors, hosted by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Recently Tate has become "impossible to avoid" on social media and had over 4.7 million followers on Instagram at the time of her ban from the meta platform.